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Certified Fitness Trainer

Dear Friend:

Do you want to get back into shape but don’t know where to start?

Are you looking for a fresh start to get in shape that’s fast, effective and also fun?

Would you like to be in the shape of your life without having to spend endless hours at the gym, or starving yourself on a restrictive diet?

Do you want to improve your self-esteem, relieve anxiety and achieve balance and serenity in your life at the same time you are getting fit?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I have something I want to share with you. That’s because I used to be like you.

Just a few years ago, I was a 30-something mother of three who spent nearly every waking moment shuttling my kids where they needed to go, running my household, and keeping my husband fed and happy.

All the while, I found myself getting increasingly agitated, stressed-out and filled with unexplained anxiety.

Because I was spending all my energy focusing on other people and completely ignoring the most important person in my life … Me!

Then one day a friend of mine invited me to tag along to a yoga class she was attending at the local community center.

“Yoga?!” I said. “You mean that thing where you roll around on the ground tying yourself into knots like a pretzel?”

“You’ll see,” my friend assured me.

Reluctantly, I went along.

I thought I would find a bunch of freaky spiritualists sitting cross-legged and chanting “Om!” I figured I could sneak out the back door after the first few minutes.

Instead, when I walked into the class I was surprised to find about a dozen men and women who looked just like me. In fact, I recognized a few of my neighbors.

Still, I had my doubts. Yet, almost as soon as the class began, something incredible happened.
The instructor – a cute young slim guy with a ponytail and the cutest butt I’ve ever seen on a man – was extremely helpful, kind and caring.

As he patiently walked the class through some simple movements, I could actually feel the tightness in my shoulders and back start to relax.

By the end of the first ten minutes, I was breathing more freely, feeling more relaxed and genuinely enjoying the process of moving from pose to pose.

None of the yoga poses he walked us through were very hard. Yet by the end of the 45 minute class, I had worked up a sweat, loosened nearly every muscle in my body, and – most importantly – felt simultaneously more energized and more relaxed than I had in as long as I could remember.

There might be something to this yoga, thing, I thought.

A week later, I actually called my friend and asked her if she was going to attend the yoga class and if I could join her.

Within a few weeks, I was attending yoga classes two to three times per week. I just couldn’t get enough of the simple-to-perform, stress-relieving and strength-building poses.

I loved the fact that I was never physically challenged. Unlike other workouts I had tried in the past – such as weight training and running – I didn’t end the session feeling spent or in pain.

In fact, my yoga workouts made me just the opposite. Instead of being tired and worn out at the end of my workouts, I felt stronger, more relaxed and more confident!

At the end of every class, I couldn’t believe 45 minutes or an hour had passed. It always felt like just a few minutes!

What’s more, other parts of my life began to improve as well:

I felt better prepared to face challenges
bullet1 I had more confidence
bullet1 My husband found me more attractive
bullet1 I wasn’t getting stressed out anymore
bullet1 I had more energy throughout the day

And one day, I was sitting in my kitchen listening to the birds singing outside my back door when it hit me … because of yoga, I was actually feeling happier than I had since I was a young girl!

I was intrigued by this amazing workout method that was so simple to do yet yielded such incredible results. So I began to do a little research.

Some of the things I learned were:
Yoga actually burns the same amount of fat as jogging, yet without any of the damaged caused by the stresses of high impact
bullet1 Yoga tones muscle faster and more effectively than weight lifting
bullet1 Yoga increases your strength and power faster than resistance training or other anaerobic workouts
bullet1 Yoga improves insulin sensitivity, which increases your metabolism so that your body burns fat faster and more efficiently.
bullet1 Yoga releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel more relaxed and happier
bullet1 Yoga improves blood flow, making your circulatory system work more efficiently and helping delivery essential nutrients to your muscles
bullet1 Yoga expands your blood vessels, relieving pain caused by migraines, body aches and other common chronic conditions

I also discovered that the benefits of yoga can be felt long after your workout has ended. It doubles your energy level during the day and helps you sleep better at night.

Yoga also can relieve pain caused by muscle stiffness due to aging, arthritis and even chronic conditions such as endometriosis and COPD.

That’s because the simple, soothing pose in a typical yoga workout stretches all the major muscle groups in your body, relieves pressure on your joints, and makes the connective tissues in your body become more resilient.

Plus, yoga doesn’t require you to spend hours at the gym breaking down your body’s muscles. You don’t have to knock yourself out running for miles and miles just to burn a few calories.

Yoga lets you achieve more health benefits with far less effort. You can build more strength, endurance and stamina than you can with other forms of exercise in only a fraction of the time.

And unlike other workouts – such a weight training and even running – yoga requires no specialized equipment. You don’t even need a pair of shoes. All you need to perform a yoga workout is your own body!

Since that first class all those years ago, not only have I lost weight, toned my muscles, improved my outlook on life, and felt more relaxed and confident, but yoga has made me injury-free!

And I have also never gotten sick, not even the tiniest cold!

Now when my kids come home from school with the sniffles or my husband comes down with yet another sinus infection, I can relax because I know that with the strengthened immune system yoga has given me I can care for them without having to worry about getting sick myself.

Let me tell you an interesting story.

I had been taking yoga classes regularly for a couple of months and was feeling healthier and more relaxed than I had ever felt before.

One day, I was sitting in the bleachers at my son’s baseball game when suddenly the batter hit a foul ball screaming into the stands. It was heading straight toward a young girl who was sitting in the row behind me eating an ice cream cone.

Without thinking, I instantly stuck my hand up and caught the ball before it could smash her in the face. As the other people in the stands … and even a few of the players on the field … applauded my amazing catch, I realized something: Yoga had actually improved my “body control”.

I had never been a particularly athletic person, but now I found myself able to perform physical feats that I never thought possible.

Besides just having improved reflexes, I found that I had better “spatial orientation” of my body.

In other words, I had a better understanding of the way my body moved and how I could make it move more efficiently.

I also had more endurance than ever before.

Whereas before I would find myself breathing heavy just climbing my basement stairs, now I could bound up the steps two at a time, even while holding a full laundry basket!


That was the moment I decided that I wanted … no, really, I NEEDED … to make yoga a more central part of my life. So I did a little research and found out what I needed to do to become a certified yoga instructor.

After an intensive seven-week course with a licensed yoga practitioner, I was certified to teach yoga. In the years following, I went on to get my advanced degree in fitness physiology and now work as a personal trainer.

But my true passion is teaching yoga four times per week at my local gym because every once in a while I come across someone who was just like me: Dubious about the benefits but somehow willing to give it a shot.

There is no better feeling in the world than seeing their face at the end of that first yoga class. They are always radiant with having discovered something so incredible and health-giving!
It’s magical.

And then there’s another unexpected benefit. Thanks to my yoga classes, I lost a bunch of weight. How much? Enough to go down four dress sizes in just six months!

I’m not even kidding you! I was more surprised than anybody. The easy, flowing movements of yoga not only burned calories quickly, but sped up my body’s natural metabolism so that I was burning fat throughout the day, even while I slept!

I decided to celebrate my slimmer, sleeker body by treating myself to some new clothes that showed off my toned physique.

I wasn’t really expecting anybody to notice. But boy was I wrong!

Not only did my husband start paying me more attention, but I found that I was turning heads wherever I went … the grocery store, the mall, even just walking down the street.

In all my life, no man had every whistled at me, but now it happens all the time. I know I’m supposed to be offended, but I can’t help feeling a little thrilled at the same time!

Even that cute yoga instructor commented on how great I was looking and asked for my phone number. It’s a good thing I’m happily married!

That was when I decided that I wanted … no, really, I NEEDED … to make yoga a central part of my life. So I did a little research and found out what I needed to do to become a certified yoga instructor.

After an intensive seven-week course with a licensed yoga practitioner, I was certified to teach yoga. In the years following, I went on to get my advanced degree in fitness physiology and now work as a personal trainer.

But my true passion is teaching yoga four times per week at my local gym because every once in a while I come across someone who was just like me: Dubious about the benefits but somehow willing to give it a shot.

There is no better feeling in the world than seeing their face at the end of that first yoga class. They are always radiant with having discovered something so incredible and health-giving!
It’s magical.

So how can YOU enjoy the same benefits of yoga? Well, I’ll tell you what you don’t need to do:

You DON’T have to sign up for an expensive gym membership
bullet1 You DON’T have to waste time driving all over town looking for yoga classes that fit into your schedule
bullet1 You DON’T have to spend hundreds of dollars on private classes or traveling halfway across the world to an ashram to learn how to enjoy the benefits of the ancient art of yoga

That’s because now there’s a convenient, affordable way to enjoy all the amazing benefits of yoga right in your own home!

and it includes a series of easy-to-follow yoga videos you can view at your convenience any time you want.

Slimming Yoga gives you an unlimited number of complete yoga workouts you can use to achieve the body of your dreams without the struggle.

These helpful instructional videos walk you step-by-step through all of the poses you need to achieve relaxation, increased confidence, improved body strength and … best of all … accelerated weight loss and increased metabolic rate so your body burns fat faster than ever!

Slimming Yoga let you perform yoga workouts at your own pace. The videos feature professional yoga instructors who show you precisely how to perform each pose and the most effective ways to transition from pose to pose for maximum health and mind benefits.

Just a few minutes of Slimming Yoga and you will begin to feel more relaxed, breathe easier and feel less anxious than you have in years.

The videos can be viewed on any device … including your Internet-enabled television, laptop, tablet or even smartphone … so you can view them anywhere.

Instead of looking for a yoga class, you can perform your own yoga routine anytime you like! And you can move through the poses you want at your own pace!

Regular Price $97.00 Today $47.00

Slimming Yoga is the only yoga video course that gives you professional grade yoga instruction you can use anywhere, any time and at any speed you want.

These yoga masters not only will provide simple-to-follow instructions that make performing any yoga pose easy, but actually explain why each pose will make you feel:

More confident
bullet1 Stronger
bullet1 Have more energy throughout the day
bullet1 Have better reflexes and body orientation
bullet1 Feel more relaxed
bullet1 Have more sex appeal

Slimming Yoga is the workout you’ve been waiting for!
It’s fast! It’s easy! And it works!

Not only will Slimming Yoga give you all the physical benefits that come with mastering the ancient poses of yoga, but you will enjoy the mental benefits as well, including:

Increased self-esteem
bullet1 More clarity of thought
bullet1 The ability to relax at will
bullet1 Less anxiety and frustration
bullet1 Improved ability to reason
bullet1 Think more clearly

Slimming Yoga gives you everything you need to introduce the healthful, life-affirming benefits of yoga into your own life.

In my experience, everybody can benefit from yoga, no matter how young or old they are, no matter what their physical condition, or regardless of how athletic or inactive they have been in the past.

Yoga is one of the few physical activities that starts providing real, tangible benefits from the very first workout. Try it once and you will never be the same again!

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As you probably can tell, I am passionate about spreading the benefits of yoga with as many people as possible. That’s why I’m making this special introductory offer.

If you were to travel to an ashram and study yoga with a yogi master, it would cost you thousands of dollars and require weeks away from your home.

If you sign up for yoga classes with a trained instructor at a local yoga center, it could cost you up hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.

Even if you were to take yoga classes included in your gym membership, you still would need to pay your monthly dues, not to mention the time you would spend traveling to and from your yoga classes every day.

Ordinarily, Slimming Yoga sells for [ENTER MSRP HERE], but for a limited time only, I am offering the complete Slimming Yoga series … which includes the complete set of easy-to-follow videos that can be used on any playback device … for the low, low introductory price of only …

That’s right! For a fraction of the price of a gym membership or private yoga lessons, you can get everything you need to start using the health-giving, life-affirming benefits of yoga starting RIGHT NOW!

Believe me, there is no decision you can make that will have such a profound positive impact on your life than getting Slimming Yoga and starting your personal journey to physical and mental fulfillment!

I think it’s fair to say that yoga saved my life. I went from being an unhappy, out of shape, middle-aged woman who was squandering her life focusing on the needs of others at the expense of her own to a fit, athletic, self-fulfilled and happy woman who looks great, feels even better and has more confidence than she ever thought possible.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to bring the benefits of yoga to people everywhere. As a yoga instructor and personal trainer, I now spend my life helping other people achieve their fullest potential.

And I’m bringing that same commitment to you today. I beg you. I implore you. I promise you. Try Slimming Yoga and see firsthand how yoga can bring both health and happiness to your life.

After all, you deserve it.

Try Slimming Yoga TODAY!!!

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Yours in physical, mental and spiritual health,

 Jessica Elvira

 "The High Priestess Of Weight Loss"

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